Who's Andrew?

I recently skipped out a free lunch (there is such a thing!).  The lunch was to be a Q and A session for an evangelism conference I hope to take a group to next year.  All this talk of Evangelism stirs to mind one of the greatest evangelists in the Bible.  Andrew. 

Andrew was one of Jesus' 12 disciples.  He is only mentioned a few times in scripture by name though, and even then he is usually specified as "Peter's brother".  Andrew was always living in the long shadow of Peter it seemed...but that was fine, Andrew didn't need spotlights.  He was humble.  You see, Andrew was never too concerned about himself...for when he appears most notably in scripture (John's gospel), he is always pointing people to Christ; even physically bringing them to Christ. 

Andrew introduced Peter to Jesus in John 1:40-42, he brings a boy to Jesus in John 6, and in John 12 Andrew assists Philip in helping a group of curious Grecians talk to Jesus.  Andrew was truly an evangelist.  We don't see Andrew effecting a mass conversion or performing a great miracle...his name only appears once in the entire book of Acts.  In many ways, Andrew gives us a model we can relate to and follow...we aren't miracle workers, and we may never be Billy Graham, but we can point people to Christ.  In fact, we must!  All it takes is the faith to tell someone to come and see (Psalm 66:5).