How tall to ride?

As of late, I've been reading a book called "What's the Least I can Believe and Still be a Christian? A Guide to What Matters Most."  Yes...that is the real title. 

It is a quaint, albeit well-meaning read.  I believe that all of us, at some point, have pondered just such a question.  Faith is hard, and with so many different denominations, traditions, and cultural standards pulling us around, sometimes it is difficult to even feel Christian at all.  While I am all for establishing a measuring stick (to help us recognize brothers and sisters in faith mostly) and helping people not get hung up on trivial matters, it seems to be the wrong side of the right question to ask...

Paul's letters affirm that the early church struggled with what the Christian basics were...if food was committed to Zeus, could a Christian eat it?  Could a Christian celebrate Roman holidays?  What's up with this circumcision thing Peter mentioned?  While one might consider these questions to establish the basics, they were ultimately born out of concern for the faith...specifically, these were questions pious people were concerned with because they wanted to please God.  They were not deciphering just how marginal they could be yet still be considered faithful...they were seeking new ways to honor God with their lives. 

Therefore, let us not to get down on ourselves for not being "Christian enough", or seek to withdraw to the borders of our family of faith for sake of Sunday football or reruns of Housewives.  Rather, let us to seek out new areas of life that our faith can enter into.  As the Holy spirit lives in us and shapes us, let us too to shape the many pools we swim in during our life, whether it be the choir loft or local tavern.