Back in the Game

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is growing smaller in our review mirror, it is time for things to return to normalcy (including the frequency of this blog!).  A common phrase when someone returns to work after an illness or sabbatical is that they are "getting back in the game".  This sports metaphor tries to capture a sense of knocking the rust off and leaving a time of rest. 

I sometimes wish the church would reflect on as much.  As we stare down a New Year, many of us no doubt made resolutions to do things "get back in the game" with regards to our family, fitness, or reading lists.  Where does Church fit in?  Ideally, we as believers are as present in the goings-on of the church as Christ is present in our lives (Matthew 28:20).  Sadly, this is seldom the case.  Do not neglect your church family in your attempts to start the new year on a better note than the last.  Christians never do well when they walk alone...even Jesus sent the disciples in pairs (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1). 

Remember your Christ and remember your congregation as you walk into the New Year.  We hope to see you Sunday...we'll even save you a seat!