Candy and Kale

I read a periodical from time to time called "Mental Floss".  It is a delightful magazine full of random information, science, history, and articles on geek-life and pop-culture.  A recurring feature of the magazine is a graded list of reading selections ranging from "brain candy" to "brain kale".  The gist being that while all the books are good, some are much lighter and sweeter than others, which may really take some time for a person to "chew on".  While I can't pretend to be a mind reader, I would imagine most people, if they explore the book recommendations at all, tend towards the "candy" side. 

It may come as no surprise then, that the Bible addresses man's universal sweet tooth.  In Hebrews 12:11, we are told that "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful."  Discipline in this context can refer to either external punishment (a topic for another time), or a personally observed practice of self-improvement.  Eating kale is nothing near eating a snickers bar, but it IS better for you.  Many spiritual disciplines that we tend to neglect are useful tools for growing in knowledge, maturity, and righteousness.  Things such as scripture reading, journaling, prayer, and even just making a point to have "churchy" conversations can be of benefit to us. 

So, how's your spiritual wellness plan going?  Have you been steaming kale, or chewing gum?