Awesome: more than a Mt. Dew Commercial

As a millennial, I remember a time in the late 90's or early 00's when everything became "awesome".  Personally, I blame Tony Hawk Pro Skater and the Sony Playstation, but regardless...everything from junk food to sneakers began being X-treme! and exciting.  I sometimes get nostalgic about this time and yearn for a Mt. Dew Code-Red, but more often nowadays, I reflect on how mundane the awesome became. 

When was the last time you were truly in awe of something?  I have seen parents become filled with awe at the birth of new life, or the uttering of a first word, but what of the rest of us?  What is there in this world that can truly slap us across the face with wonder and force us to acknowledge our own ignorance...or even insignificance? 

I can only bring a couple moments readily to mind; once was while I was taking Communion in a parking lot in California.  I was gathered with a small group of friends, and we were praying before celebrating our meager meal of faith.  When we had said amen, I bent down to help with the "elements", and noticed that our gas-station bottle of grape juice had somehow been knocked over and was spilling out onto the pavement and was soaking our hamburger buns.  Our leader and I both rushed to upright the bottle, but paused. 

The blood soaked the body, and spilled onto the ground.  I cried, and in that moment, nothing else in all creation mattered.  Something extraordinary sprang from the mundane...but objectively, there was nothing but asphalt, the wind, and some sad-looking groceries.  Perhaps the 90's were right, maybe everything is awesome; we're just trying too hard to "make it" happen when we should be waiting for it to.