That's in the Bible...Right?

Relevant Magazine is a pop-culture magazine for 20-somethings which tries to examine and engage the world from a Christian perspective.  Occasionally, they publish articles I find worthy of sharing.  This is one of them.

Since I cannot leave well enough alone however, I must add that #3, while correct, does not acknowledge that all peoples are yet bearing the image of God in a created sense, and are thus worthy of dignity and respect.  Non-believers may not be our brothers and sisters, but we can look at them like cousins...maybe 2nd cousins.  

Additionally, I must point out that #5 is commonly refuted by savvy Bible readers who quote 1 Corinthians 10:13.  However, that verse only specifically addresses temptation and not overall burden.  God overburdens us all the time; sin is a burden of debt we cannot bear, and that is to say nothing of personal tragedies and all the other things which come along and trouble us in our lives!  The weak man does not appreciate the strong until he must move the same way, man forgets God until he must lean on him.