Revolution is a popular idea.  In 1968, The Beatles observed that we all want revolution, because we all want to change the world.  Truly, even if an individual sees himself as too small to change the world of his own accord, he no doubt longs to see change come about in it.  People clamor for justice, progress, security, and well-being. 

Unfortunately, revolution is not easy.  Robert Frost once mused that "the one-man revolution...(is) the only revolution that is coming."  No one can guarantee that another person will go-with-the-flow in times of change, and thus, many an order has avoided upheaval throughout history.  Such failures can break the heart of a revolutionary.  However, one must remember that any reorganization of society, laws, or governors is simply a new arrangement of sinners.  So really, why should anyone put their hope in the schemes of man? 

It is true that the only revolution one can assure is a one-man revolution...God has blessed man with a small degree of self-determination in this chaotic world.  Though the LORD knows the outcomes, and has placed all contingencies, any change ultimately starts in the heart of a person.  This was exhibited by Jesus' encounter with the rich young ruler, Jesus' disciples pleading with him to increase their faith, and countless other times throughout scripture. 

So ya say ya wanna revolution?  Look to God, start with yourself, and you may just change the world.