Passionate People

Wow, it has been too long since I have been able to gather my thoughts and write a blog for all you intrepid readers!  It has been a crazy summer for us here at First Presbyterian; we have had a PW triennium to attend, a mission trip in Arkansas to labor on, and I myself just recently returned from a week long excursion to Camp Carew.  This is all great news however, as to quote St. Jerome: "Facito aliquid operis, ut te semper diabolus inveniat occupatum."  (always do something, so the devil finds you occupied) 

Speaking of Saints, it seems a fair statement to say the Saints were people who were passionate about things above (Col 3:2).  While I was at Camp Carew, I was blessed to speak with someone who had a passion for Sociology.  She was a college senior, and I was captivated as she spoke over lunch about all that she had learned in her college courses about social systems and structures.  While I know precious little about sociology personally, it was interesting to listen to someone speak passionately about something they love. 

Do we let our passion's show through?  I was once friends with a man who seldom spoke of anything apart from RC airplanes.  As a result, I became somewhat familiar with the terms and principles of the hobby.  Are you passionate about the Kingdom of God?  Is Christ a stone's throw from your tongue in good times as well as bad?  If asked about you, would your friends and relatives list you as a Christian above all other qualities...would it crack the top 5? 

As Christ passionately bore pain for our sake, let us to passionately bear his gospel in hope for all.