Waves and Particles

If a person were to Google the word "light", they would probably see some Wikipedia entries and science articles explaining that light is a form of radiation that behaves as both particles and waves...composed of photons and so forth and so on.  Physics is fascinating yes?  

There is a strange irony of light that somewhat escapes scientific observation however; by itself, light is essentially invisible; and yet everything is invisible until light strikes it.  So it is with God: we cannot see him, but "in his light" (under his loving influence) we see and understand his love in all that surrounds us.  God's overwhelming generosity stands in complete contrast to the self-important scheming of human beings.  In church, light is often spoken of, and in fact, light seems to have been a favored metaphor of the Biblical authors for a number of things (the word is used around 272 times in scripture).  Fittingly, "light" seems to beam in both word and concept from every page of scripture. 

I am reminded of a blues song by the rock duo "The Black Keys", the chorus of which refrains: "You know what the sun's all about when the lights go out."  How frightful a thought that is to entertain!  We must not become entitled to the brilliant daily grace God begets us, but rather we must seek to interpret all aspects of our daily life in light of that grace.  If indeed we as Christians become blind to the light made visible in Christ for us, who then shall be left to lead the sightless out of the dark?