Church: Simple Things

Often times in church, we make much ado about nothing; we sweat problems, drama, and operating duties that ultimately have little to do with the Gospel.  It can be useful to take a step back from time to time and take a spiritual inventory: are we seeking God?  are we serving God?  are we "being Jesus" in the lives of our friends, families, coworkers, and social circles?  One can be faithful and indeed grow in faith without necessarily attending bible study eighteen times a week (indeed, Bible study as we think of it today was impossible for believers prior to the invention of the printing press in 1440), but what of something simple that we often times neglect?  What of Worship?  

The word "worship" comes to us from the Old English term weorthscipe, which was a term used to reference a "person of worth".  In our tradition, God alone is worthy of true worship as he is supreme.  In the Old Testament however, "worship" is presented and expressed using a variety of terms: "to bow down", "to serve", "to seek the face of the LORD", "to seek", and "to draw near to (God)".

Notice that these are all active terms.  Worship is an is an activity presented by the worshiper.  In scripture, worship is never an item of is not something one observes, orders a certain way, or sits in the audience for.  Rather, worship is something offered. 

Worship keeps our love relationship with God alive.  We praise his attributes, confess our failures to him, hear his promises and share our concerns with our creator.  When true worship ceases, our relationship with God begins to grow cold.

How do you worship?  When do you worship?  What do you regard as being "of worth"?  If these questions bring cause for hesitation...perhaps it is time to take a spiritual inventory and take action, come walk with us.