The Community is invited to all church activities!

Sunday/Dec 16: 9:30 am Worship Children’s Play
10:30 am Sunday School Party

Monday: 6:30 pm Session Meeting with newly elected Elders & Deacons

Tuesday: On High Concerts/5:15 pm Brookstone/6 pm Holly Brook Estates

Wednesday: 5-6 pm Christmas Band for Sun/Dec 23 in the Loft

NO WNGT Holiday Break (Resumes Wed/Jan 16 2019)

Thursday: 6 pm On High Dieterich Civic Center Performance

Friday: 6:30 a.m. Men’s Bible Study at Martin’s IGA

Saturday: 10 am - Noon On High Ringing Bell at Wal-Mart

Sun/Dec 23: Advent 4 - Youth Christmas Band in the Loft for 9:30 am Worship
9:30 am Worship/Children’s Church
10:30 am Sunday School

Christmas Eve: 5:30 & 7:30 pm Christmas Eve Communion Worship

Members, Friends and Interested Community Members
are welcome to attend and participated in any of the following activities.
Please call church office for additional information: 217.342.6272


PRESBYTERIAN GIVING CATALOGS Available on Narthex Table/Consider a Charitable Donation this Christmas Season! Donations fund the following: Emergency Life Packs/Education/Livestock Donations/Wells/Grain Bank/Schools/Farm ToolsCAPTAIN

UNDERPANTS PW MISSION Now until Sun/Dec 23 Please bring ONLY underwear or pull on pants for boys or girls size 4-16 for the Christmas Clothesline in Hagman Hall.FISH

Drivers for local and out of town medical appointments &
Meals on Wheels from Hospital to Clients between 11:30 am & 12:30 pm
Please contact the FISH Center at 217.342.2200

BABYSITTERS Please contact the church office if babysitters are needed for church activities or meetings.  Babysitters must be 14 or older; if interested in babysitting please contact the church office.

FOOD PANTRY DONATIONS Please place donations in Bin in Hagman Hall.


CHRISTMAS BAND Rehearsal: 5-6 pm Wed/Dec 19: Performance 9:30 am Worship Sun/Dec 23

5:30 & 7:30 pm Mon/Dec 24